How Much Snow Can My Roof Hold?

Are you wondering just how much snow your roof can hold? Did you know that just 1 foot of snow can weigh anywhere from 3 lbs. to 21 lbs. per square foot? A building’s structure is only designed to hold a certain amount of load. So what actually happens when your roof gets too much weight on it and becomes over-stressed? How can you tell if you might be in an unsafe environment? Here is a quick list of a few indicators that you may need to move to a safer place.

Roof Scupper vs. Roof Drain

Speaking the language of a roofing contractor can be a difficult skill to master. This is the case when a homeowner or building owner hears a contractor talking about a scupper versus a roof drain. Both are used to provide drainage for a roof system. However, they are not interchangeable. The term needs to be clarified when identifying the specific detail that you may have on your roof system because the corrective action for addressing these details and providing repairs is different.