Meet the Jurin Roofing Family

Any company is only as good as their people. The Jurin Roofing Services family is comprised of some of the most talented roofing professionals in the industry backed by over 100 years of combined knowledge. Yeah we’re pretty proud of our family.

Our Valuable Team Members

Eric W. Jurin, Founder and CEO

Eric Jurin started Jurin Roofing in 1974 as a residential roofing contractor but soon grew into a multi-million dollar commercial roofing company. He attributes this steady growth to his philosophy of always striving to provide the best services possible, educating himself and his clients about the best practices and products, and always putting forth maximum effort and desire into every project, no matter how small or large.

His philosophical nature, keen intellect, and attention to detail make him a strong leader among his peers and employees. He also has a strong belief in his employees and never stops working to ensure his employees constantly strive, as he does, to be the very best that they can be. Eric’s hands-on approach to running his company ensures him that every client’s expectations are exceeded. From day to day project review to weekly progress meetings and site visits, Eric is fully engaged in every project that Jurin Roofing is involved with. Over his years in the business, Eric has personally installed or overseen more than 12 million square feet of roofing projects.

Christophor Jurin, President

A second generation roofing contractor, Christophor Jurin has been involved in leadership positions within the roofing industry throughout his career. He has served as the Vice President of National Roofing Partners as well as serving two three-year terms as a member of the board of directors of the National Roofing Contractors Association. He has contributed additional time in service working with various committees in each of the organizations.

Christophor has worked on multiple roofing projects and project designs in excess of 10 million square feet over his career. His experience with systems includes all types including single-ply, built-up, modified, and metal, shingles and various steep slope materials.

Jason Dickey, Account Representative

Creating a strong, long-lasting business relationship with our customers is a major focus in Jason’s career. Like relationships in any area of life, taking the right amount of time and effort as well as listening is a key part to ensure our relationship continues to grow. Along with these traits it is also of paramount importance that we provide quality products and services to establish customer loyalty and future opportunities.

Scott Ervin, Small Contract and Service Estimator

With over 15 years experience in the construction and roofing trades, Scott Ervin is currently Jurin Roofing’s small contract and service estimator. Scott’s daily responsibilities include site visits, small contract estimating and project management. Scott also has experience in solar roofing, general construction and electrical work. With his well rounded background, Scott is able to pinpoint issues for our clients and always find the best solution. Scott is certified in solar roofing and OSHA safety.

Mike Bleiler, Superintendent

Mike first joined Jurin Roofing in 1989. Since that time, Mike’s technical knowledge and project management skills have become well respected throughout the roofing industry. Our clients have come to depend on Mike’s ability to produce superior, quality roof installations while developing and maintaining excellent relationships with the tenants, property managers, owners, and consultants.

Self-motivated and innovative, his ability to collaborate with executive management and his crews in determining the viability of projects by advanced project management planning and in developing plans to address risk, contingencies, and recovery strategies makes Mike an irreplaceable member of our team.

Drew McNerney, Account Manager

Drew brings with him years of management and customer service experience. His primary background is within the aviation industry as a Commercially Rated and Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems Pilot. He hopes to utilize his drone experience to create a more well rounded landscape for the roofing industry. The most important aspect he hopes to achieve is to build lasting relationships with customers through our consistent quality and tireless effort.

Dave Rose, Operations Team Leader

As Jurin Roofing’s Operations Team Leader, Dave is responsible for the management of our Service and Construction team member’s daily operations. Dave focuses on the development and education of our team with an eye toward expansion and profit improvement for the company. Involved in the commercial roofing industry since 1988, Dave’s long history project management and coordination give him the experience necessary to successfully manage the day-to-day operations for Jurin Roofing. He also helps provide regular technical development and training of our employees.

Outside of work Dave enjoys sharing outdoor experiences such as rock climbing, skiing, backpacking and trail running with his wife and two daughters. Dave is also involved with the Lehigh Conference of Churches Mentor Program and Linda Ann’s Greyhound Adoptions. Dave holds a degree in Business Economics and Culinary Arts.

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