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Jurin Roofing Services Celebrates 40 Years in the Roofing Industry

Jurin Roofing Services 40 year anniversary

Jurin Roofing Services, Inc. has a long history of professional, quality roofing services and installations. For the past 40 years Eric Jurin, owner and founder of Jurin Roofing, has worked hard to build the company’s reputation as a reliable, trusty worthy partner to their clients, many of which are long standing such as Redner’s Warehouse Markets who have worked primarily with Jurin Roofing since 1997 and Hatfield Quality Meats, now Clemens Food Group, since 2000.

With almost 13 million square feet of roofing installed and one of the highest client retention rates in the industry it’s no wonder we are still going strong after four decades. However Jurin Roofing was born from very humble roots.

Before Eric started Jurin Roofing Services, he was working as a laborer for his father-in-law’s small roofing company. He was working two jobs at the time trying to make ends meet for his wife and their first child who was on the way.

Eric Jurin of Jurin Roofing Services

Eric Jurin in 1989 on a slate roof replacement for the Christ Reformed United Church of Christ in Trumbauersville, PA.

Eric Jurin of Jurin Roofing working on the famous Washington House in Sellersville, PA.

Eric Jurin in 1981 working on the restoration of the famous Washington House in Sellersville, PA.

One day in February 1974 Eric was heading home from work when he noticed that the heat stopped working in his car and that smoke was pouring out of the tailpipe. “I had to make several stops to put water in the radiator just to make it home. I called my mechanic and told him what happened and he told me I would probably need a whole new engine and it would cost about $700.

Now I had only paid $1,450 for it so it was half the cost and I didn’t have that kind of money. I had just bought a home and my wife was pregnant with our first child. Things were tapped out but I still had to figure out a way to get to work the next day so I ended up walking to the local Ford dealership and had just enough money to purchase a vehicle which amounted to about $255 between the down payment, tax, tag and registration. So I was able to drive home in a new pickup truck but on that was very basic. It has no power steering, no radio, but it did have heat! “

“The next day at work my father-in-law immediately put my new truck to work and I ended up transporting materials for him. The following weekend he suggested that I become a subcontractor so my venture into the contracting world was not intentional from the standpoint of being self employed but that’s the path it took.” And so Jurin Roofing Services was born.

When asked what one of the most important foundations of his company’s growth has been Eric Jurin points to his focus on the needs of his clients. “During my years of self employment, it became apparent that I was always in service of someone else. That my remaining employed was guaranteed if I was carrying out something that would be of benefit to someone else. Not to focus on myself but to focus on the person that was asking me to complete something for them and trying to fully understand how I could be of service to them in their request. Many times it involved exploring their request at a much deeper level than they even understood but ultimately it was what they were looking for. So service is the key.”

Eric Jurin also believes that among providing the highest is customer satisfaction, that the personal growth of those employed by him is the most important thing that he can foster and cultivate. “If we are heartfelt as we progress and improve usually it’s the result of some inner, deep passion that we are trying to cultivate into the trade we are in and that inner passion will guide us to developing ourselves to the best that we can possibly be. It’s something we strive to do for ourselves and those we work with; realizing that we can never rest on our laurels; that every new day brings about new opportunities and new challenges in a new marketplace. At our core we are all human beings. There are many joys of being human and one is personal development, that as we go through life we are hopefully ever improving, that our life experiences and challenges are allowing us to make advancements. So over the years I’ve look for training opportunities for my employees that may be technical or may be physiological in nature but are always about developing ourselves to be better, each and every one of us. As the company has grown the diversity has grown too. It’s quite startling for me to see the people that are now part of our team that know so much more than what I know about so many different aspects of the business that we are involved with and that’s a great feeling.”

It has been Eric’s personal passion for the art of roofing and the need for excellence in customer service that has given Jurin Roofing its edge in the marketplace. His ability to see past problems to solutions and always build those around him has made him a strong leader to his employees and has help build several strong leaders within the firm. His passion is what lies at the core of Jurin Roofing’s success and continues to inspire and grow those that work for him.

Eric Jurin, CEO of Jurin Roofing Services

Eric Jurin, still at the helm of Jurin Roofing Services as CEO.