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CLIENT: TEVA Pharmaceuticals

SYSTEM: Carlisle SynTec Adhered Sure-Seal EPDM Fleeceback 110 and 3.5″ Polyisocyanurate Insulation, 15-year System Warranty


TEVA Pharmaceuticals located in Sellersville, PA was in need of a roofing contractor to replace their roof systems over the cafeteria and granulation areas during a short plant shutdown scheduled for June of 2013.

TEVA Pharmaceuticals had a scheduled 9 day shut down in which they needed 12,800 sq. ft. of roofing replaced. In order to complete the work on time, Jurin Roofing committed 2 crews and a total of 25 field employees to work 9 days straight to finish the work within their time frame. We set up exterior steel scaffolding in order to allow a more efficient staging of the project and had 2 crews working on both areas which were located on separate portions of the building.

We were able to meet their time line as well as bringing the project in under their budget while still supplying TEVA with quality EPDM Fleeceback roof systems and 15 year warranties. TEVA was able to open up on time without any hindrance on internal operations.

“Jurin Roofing Services did a great job getting this work done right as well as on time. They helped TEVA Pharmaceuticals meet our very tight shutdown deadline and they had no problem getting the work done in 9 short days while still installing a quality roof system.”
Gary Miller, Senior Supervisor, TEVA Pharmaceuticals