Roof Repair and Preventative Roof Maintenance

A building’s roofing system is one of its most costly elements. Roof replacements are traditionally one of the most expensive investments that a building owner or manager can make. Regular roof repair and maintenance can mean extra years for your roof life.

At Jurin Roofing Services our philosophy is to assist building owners and managers in the maintenance and upkeep of their existing roofing assets with the intention of extending the use life of your roof and avoid premature roof replacement costs.


Our Full-Time Roof Service and Maintenance Department

With a separate and dedicated full-time service and maintenance department, Jurin Roofing Services has the ability to dispatch a representative to your site within 24 hours while other roofing contractors rely on company downtime to do their roof repair and maintenance work.

  • Dedicated full-time service and maintenance department
  • Dispatch of a representative to your site within 24 hours
  • Highly experienced roofing technicians
  • Backed by years of fine-tuned industry experience

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Jurin Roofing Predicative and Preventative Maintenance Programs

Jurin Roofing Services “Golden Advantage” Roof Maintenance Plans

With the cost of roof replacements being what they are why wouldn’t you protect such a large investment? Regular roof maintenance can easily add years to the life of your roof and ensure the best performance from your roofing system.

Jurin Roofing Services, Inc. offers an extensive maintenance plan program to help protect your roof investment and is built to fit any budget. Our “Golden Advantage” roof maintenance plan has three levels: Silver, Gold and Platinum all offering different levels of roof care. The investment in one of these roof maintenance plans can easily save you thousands of dollars over time.

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