Skylights and Daylighting Energy Savings

Daylighting can save building owners thousands of dollars on energy costs for electric lighting in a building. Since significant daylight is often available during utility peak demand hours, daylighting can reduce these demands and lower your energy costs as well as lowering our impact on the planet.

Many of these money saving products also come with warranties as long as 20 years covering any incident of leakage in the skylight, curb or flashing installation.


Why Daylighting?

  • Using natural lighting not only can save you money and help the environment, but studies show that people thrive in a natural environment.
  • Studies show that environments with natural lighting produce happier employees, shoppers that linger longer, and office workers who are more productive and absent less often. Studies conducted in schools have shown a direct correlation between reduced absenteeism and increased test scores in schools that have skylights in classrooms.
  • Daylighting also reflects on the building owners and managers showing a high social and fiscal responsibility.
  • The Energy Center of Wisconsin conducted a study to measure the amount of cooling energy that could be saved through daylighting systems. Their results showed a considerable savings of more than 20% on operating costs, about $1.13 per square foot.

Benefits of Daylighting

Common Daylighting Myths

Myth #1

Daylighting allows too much heat buildup in a building.


The light-to-heat ratio for daylighting is actually cooler than that of electric lights. Properly designed daylighting screens out 99% of the sun’s heat while providing excellent lighting.

Myth #2

For daylighting to be effective you need constant sunny weather.


Even an overcast sky provides a hundred times more light than is needed for daylighting.
Visit LEED for info about points for daylighting
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Top Quality Daylighting Products

There are many skylight and daylighting products available on the market today. Jurin Roofing Services only uses the highest quality products from top manufacturers.

Our main concern is your roofing system!
The products we recommend are proven to be leak free and trouble free. They are also backed by roofing manufacturer warranties for 10, 15 or 20 years with certain models. We have highlighted our top recommendations below.

  • High quality products from top manufacturers
  • Backed by roofing manufacturer warranties
  • Leak free
  • Trouble free

Carlisle SynTec SunPath™

SunPath™ high-performance tubular skylights bring natural light into almost any dark or unlit space. Daylight transmits through the clear top dome to a prismatic diffuser, which disperses the light evenly throughout the space.

The SunPath Tubular Daylighting Device features a high-impact acrylic dome fused to an aluminum mounting ring that joins to a seamless aluminum flashing to provide unmatched strength and durability.

Carlisle SynTec, Inc. warrants against manufacturing defects, corrosion, rust, deterioration, fading and breakage on all components for a 10-year period of time from the date of purchase. The SunPath TDD light tube utilizes Miro-Silver to create pure white light with no color shift during transmission and is covered by a 25-year material warranty.

  • Seamless aluminum flashing
  • Seamless aluminum flashing
  • ENERGY STAR®-qualified for all climate zones
  • 98% reflective Alanod Miro-Silver lining
  • 3 dimmer system options (manual, switch-activated and IR remote)
  • Seamless aluminum curb cap flashing (no painted steel or plastic)

Wasco Commercial Skylights

Wasco offers a full line of quality structural skylights with a wide range of glazing, finishing and limitless design provides customization versatility for commercial skylighting projects.

Wasco Skylights meets stringent design criteria with the Pinnacle, Classic, Low Profile, Vaulted, and Unit Skylights with glass, acrylic, and polycarbonate glazing options. The Pinnacle system is available as Miami-Dade and FBC hurricane tested and approved structures for all geographical locations.

  • Thermalized Sentinel Fall Protection (SS/SA)
  • Engineered to resist a 775 ft. lb. impact without the use of metal grids or screens
  • Hurricane resistant glazing
  • Provided with impact modified acrylic to meet test requirements: ASTM–1886, ASTM–1996, TAS 201, 202 and 203
  • Blast resistant glazing
  • Lumira™ Aerogel
  • Unit skylight safety screens

Chicago Clamp Company

Chicago Clamp Company offers a unique product enabling us to install the necessary framing below the roof deck to allow for the installation of the skylights into the roof system, simplifying the installation to requiring only one contractor. This way we can install the skylights/daylighting solutions as a turn-key project without involving miscellaneous iron or steel contractors.

  • Fast and easy to install
  • Framing Clamp Systems are perfect for framing roof openings or providing additional support for loads above or below the roof line
  • Ideal for the safe and economical installation skylights
  • Available in 1,000 lb, 3,000 lb, or 4,000 lb distributed load capacity